Living on a Farm is Great

Living on a farm is a great experience. You get to see the beauty of the seasons and the bounty of the earth. You also learn a lot about patience because it takes its sweet time and doesn’t always turn out the way you wanted.

Wayne, wherever we lived, would plant fruit trees. His favorite was the Asian pear (I have had guests and friends rave about them), but he also planted walnut, chestnut, apple, cherry (good luck getting those before the birds eat them), and plum trees. I have let a few of these wither from benign neglect, but many of the trees are still alive and producing delicious organic fruit. We love to share the bounty of the orchard with our guests, so if you come when the fruit trees are producing we will be delighted to share.

Since Haley returned to the farm in 2014 she has also fallen in love with growing and nurturing. She has tried raising chickens for two years in a row only to have them fall prey to the wily raccoon. But she’s persistent and we have another brood coming along which hopefully will produce yummy eggs one day.

She is also into organic gardening. We had a hard time with the groundhog and deer eating all the vegetables she grew last year – the only thing the groundhog didn’t care for was the zucchini! From spraying the area with hot sauce to planting marigolds we have tried the gamut of natural methods. But this year she put an electric fence around her garden. Now we have an abundance of beans. They all come at once and so after having given away as much as we could, we have started canning and freezing the vegetables. Believe me it’s a lot of work.

Last year when the apple trees were just weighed down with fruit we made apple cider and apple butter and apple pies, but so far this year the apple trees don’t seem to have much to show. Maybe it’s every other year they are productive!

Me I’m in love with hydroponic gardening. No weeding, no bugs and no bending down. What’s not to love. It would be great if I could turn one of the barns into a hydroponic garden but I’m going to start out small and see how well I manage. But down the road I definitely see it as a wonderful project.