Let Food be Your Medicine

Americans are confused about nutrition. Our doctors are barely taught about nutrition. Yet food should be our medicine. Instead we pop pills for everything and live with chronic diseases. This is not acceptable. Good health and vitality is our birth right.

However it is so confusing. Should you be eating low fat? No you should eat low carbs. No it’s sugars that are the culprit. Who are we to believe? So many Americans have given up trying to figure out what is what.

That’s where we come in. We are here to make sense of the myriads of food plans that are out there (Dean Ornish, Atkins, South Beach, Paleo etc). We can tailor a food plan that matches your lifestyle and likes and dislikes. And it’s delicious food too and not hard to make. You will learn how to make great food and also what staples you need to stock up on. Learn how to prep ahead of time so that you won’t get tempted once you are back home. The name of the game you will find is to lower the inflammation in your body so that you can function optimally. If we can keep inflammation at bay we can avoid the chronic diseases that are devastating Americans (diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, IBS, and even cancer). The new trendy word is gut-biome. Let us unravel the mysteries of these and other confusing terms.

In addition to nutrition we focus on exercise. Haley will give you a personal training session and devise a regimen to suit your abilities and lifestyle. There are so many ways to enjoy getting the exercise your body needs from simple walking to biking, hiking, swimming, tennis, yoga etc. You do need to exercise at least 3 times a week – and incorporate some cardio, some weights, and some stretching to round it out.

Apart from nutrition and exercise we also look at the mind-body connection. Participants are taught the benefits of simple meditation and relaxation techniques. We all lead stressful lives and it’s important to learn how to unwind. And of course we look at sleep, supplements and other factors affecting the quality of your life. We also have trained massage therapists that can help you ease sore muscles and reduce the toxins in your body.

Most of the time we conduct the retreats as a weekend getaway session. Everyone is busy and can’t get away from work, kids etc. However for those of you that have the luxury of getting away for 5 days and who want to make real long-lasting changes this may be a better option. Whether you choose the two day or five day option, rest assured that we will personalize it to meet your specific needs and give you the tools to incorporate what you learn.

We also welcome businesses that would like to hold team building and wellness retreats at Haley Farm. In the long run this will lower health care and insurance costs while building team spirit. We prefer to keep the numbers to 10 or less persons so that we can give everyone the personalized attention they need