Haley Farm Breakfasts

When we bought the farm in 1993 we had little experience in running a business. I had worked for the World Bank and Wayne had been in the military. We didn’t want to waste our academic backgrounds either so we also taught part-time at the college. It kept us busy.
I experimented with various recipes to see what the guests enjoyed and settled on a few core recipes that we have used throughout the twenty plus years we have owned the Inn (including when we had innkeepers).

The most popular recipe we serve is the blueberry soufflĂ©. It’s really delicious and at one time we were using maple syrup on it that we had tapped from our own maple trees (a lot of work). I’m not kidding I would have guests applaud when I came out of the kitchen like I was a celebrity chef. In those early years when we ran the B&B, Wayne did the serving while I cooked. He loved telling his stories from his time in the Army and in Germany, and I was happy to be behind the scenes.
Other breakfast dishes we did that the guests loved was the hash brown casserole (this recipe I found in a magazine, but the blueberry I concocted myself). Eventually, after many requests for recipes, I made a YouTube video. If you go to ‘Cooking with Kam’ on YouTube you will find some of the recipes we serve for breakfast. If I can become proficient in video editing, I would love to add some videos on the healthy recipes we make for our Health and Wellness retreats. We are more than happy to share recipes. I could never understand that mentality of some innkeepers who guard recipes like they are the Crown Jewels.

When I took back running the Inn in 2015 after a hiatus of some 15 years (when we had innkeepers) I seriously considered just offering a continental breakfast. But really it was so much fun talking to the guests and getting to know them that I didn’t want to deny myself or them, that pleasure. So we do serve a full breakfast with juice, banana bread, fruit, a main dish such as the blueberry soufflĂ© or frittata, a potato dish, and sausage or bacon. It’s a big breakfast and there is always coffee and tea available throughout the day.