All About Kombucha

I love trying out new fermented foods to feed my microbiome. One of these is kombucha.

I looked at what was available in the stores, and it’s really quite expensive to buy (about $2 or more for one serving).

So of course, I had to try and make it myself. I got a book on how to make it. I was supposed to order the scoby (or starter) but decided I would try it with some kombucha that Haley had purchased before.

Well, it’s been about 2 months since I began the project and believe it or not, I have my own scoby that got produced in the process! The kombucha is tart and palatable, but needs something else to make it taste better. I’ll have to experiment with adding ginger and lemon. But I’m so happy that it had a little baby scoby.

I hope my little adventure has inspired you to experiment with making your own fermented foods. I love making Kanji and kimchi and cooking for my gut health.

If you have a group of friends that want to explore making fermented foods, I’ll be happy to hold a class. Just call 301.387.2471. What a great Christmas gift!